a fine kettle of ish…

So what are we doing here?  Just a collection of thoughts on food: great (and not so great) recipes, food news and writing, eating well while living healthy, fun holiday food, restaurants, travel, and the occasional post by some wonderful folks who regularly school me on food and drinks.  You know…all the usual food blog ish.

Be forewarned, our philosophy is to take the bull by the horns and the cabbage by the greens.  Cooking is something to be experienced and enjoyed, not feared – just get in there and do it!  Sometimes things won’t quite work out, but that’s how you learn to be a great home cook.   So there will be a lot of cooking au pif, or by the nose, as the French do.   There will be some spectacular failures, a good measure of profanity, and a lot of joy if you jump in and hang on for the ride.  In fact, this ish is an awful lot like life.

 For more info about this fine kettle of ish, check out our about page.

3 Responses to a fine kettle of ish…

  1. Kirk says:

    “Grabbing the cabbage by the greens” I love it! Good luck with the blog!

  2. boy says:

    Now this is the ish I’m talking about.

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