talk like a pirate day

Ahoy, me hearties!  Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!  
In honor of the 16th annual ITLAPD, here’s a rum punch recipe that will have you drinking like a pirate, even if you can’t talk like one (and trust me, one often leads t’ another).

Rum Punch

Chock full of rum and dark cherries, this punch packs plenty of citrus to keep yer scurvy at bay, but be warned – the combination of gold rum, dark rum, and rum-soaked cherries packs a wallop and makes enough to give the entire crew their ration o’ grog.  To get the true pirate-y effect, be sure to let your cherries soak for at least two hours (but no more than 8, unless you want to scrape guests off the floor like the proverbial barnacles).

Black Cherry Rum Punch
(prep time: 2-8 hours)

1 c (8 oz) 121 dark rum*
2 c golden rum*
1/2 c (4 oz) orange liqueur*
1/2 c (4 oz) falernum+
1 jar Trader Joe's dark Morello cherries**
juice of 3 limes
juice and peel of one orange
crushed ice
2 lt chilled club soda (optional)

Drain the cherry juice and set aside.
Cover cherries with dark rum, orange liqueur & orange zest.
Meanwhile, mix remaining liquor, falernum, cherry juice, citrus juices & chill.
Once infused, add cherries & soaking juice, stir.
Add crushed ice to a tall glass and fill 2/3 with punch.
Top with club soda (if desired).
Garnish with lime wedge.

* When making a punch, quality is important, but top shelf is unnecessary. I used:
- Goslings Black Seal 151 Dark Rum
- Kozi Bay Barbados Golden Rum
- Gaetano Grand Chevalier Orange Liqueur

+ Falernum is a non-alcoholic cordial flavored with lime juice, almond & ginger.
If you can't find this, substitute additional lime juice & simple syrup.

** Optionally, substitute 2 cups tart cherry juice & 350 grams drained cherries.

Want to go out and find other like-minded pirateaphiles?  Check out the ITLAPD event finder.  And remember, mateys – to err is human, but to arrr be pirate!

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  2. rumpydog says:

    that shivered me timbers…. among other things!

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